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This is a terrain model which gives accurate topographic modelling information
This is a high resolution map constructed from 46 separate images stitched together to provide a centimetre accurate map which can be used for measurements of area & volume
We are able to capture aerial photos and videos for marketing purposes. This image was used in a commercial brochure for the successful sale of a multi-million pound property in the South West (click here for brochure) An aerial image provides an unrivalled & unique perspective of any property - making it rise above the competition!
We have built up extensive expertise in surveying roofing areas for commercial buildings. Our drone can capture images of areas which can`t be accessed easily even with an extendable platform. We are able to take hi-resolution images & videos which are invaluable for condition surveys, essential maintenance or insurance claims. 
Marketing material Surveying work Building Developments Mapping Planning Applications Interactive 360° panoramic imagery
We offer a range of services including aerial photos or videos for:-
See below for examples of our recent work.
Our drone captures dozens of aerial images of any location and we carry out complex processing to create a high-resolution interactive 360° panoramic image which the user can navigate (rotate & zoom) in real time! This allows the user to examine locations in great detail and to concentrate on those areas which interest them the most.
Interactive 360  panoramic images  click photo for access to panorama
Each deployment is unique, so we prefer to provide a quotation for each individual assignment. Drone imagery is far cheaper than using fixed wing aircraft or helicopters - which can cost in the thousands for stand-alone deployments. For roofing surveys, our drone is much quicker and safer than using aerial platforms. As a guide, deployments can start at around £250  for simple aerial photos. For a large warehouse (approx 50,000+ sq.ft) capturing aerial images for a roofing survey along with a detailed hi-res map is around £400-500. Cost depends on the complexities of the deployment - hence why they`re quoted on an individual basis. For every deployment our qualified staff carry out detailed risk assessments to ensure that we can operate safely & comply with CAA regulations. When we arrive at the location, we carry out an on-site assessment before the drone takes to the sky. We can operate up to a maximum height of 400ft - which is  sufficient to capture stunning aerial imagery. We charge round trip expenses at 50p per mile from HR9 to the deployment location. We are really friendly - so, please contact us for advice! t. 07545 967517 or 01989 750009  
We are passionate about aerial imagery! We have been operating commercially for over a year and have over 25 years experience of risk assessments and safety planning. We are also experts at image processing - trained to MSc in Multimedia, we ensure that the aerial imagery is just what the client needs. We are really friendly - so, please contact us for advice! t. 07545 967517 or 01989 750009 or email us at:- astontech@icloud.com  
www.astontech.co.uk tel. 07545 967517
General aerial image of  commercial unit Detailed image of roofing area highlighting problems
This is an example of a recent mapping deployment where we were asked to photograph 18 agricultural fields totalling over 1200 acres. Each field was photographed by our drone with some fields having over 300 separate aerial photos taken. These images were then stitched together using our sophisticated software to create a geo-referenced map which was accurate to 2 inches. This meant that accurate measurements could be taken of damage caused to the crops in each field by a contractor - thereby allowing the landowner to claim compensation. This was a cost-effective solution which produced outstanding results - AstonTech are experts in mapping and surveying.